Akhmetbekov Galym


Year and place of birth 26.03.1981, higher, Kazakh institute of right and international relations; 2) Higher, Kazakh National Agrarian University 1) Law, organization, transportation, operation and transportation, 2) Forest resources and leaf.

  • 09.2001- 03.12.2001 Under an individual labor contract, the secretary of the judicial session of the Zhaksynsky district court of the Administrator of the courts of Akmola region.
  • 02.2007 08.09.2008 Senior bailiff of the Taldykorgan territorial division of the Administrator of courts in Almaty region
  • 09.2008 19.01.2009 Deputy Director of the State Enterprise "Tazar" apparatus of akim of Talgar region
  • 01.2009 13.12.2010 Executive Director of Marat Production Cooperative
  • To date, Deputy General Director of GNPP Altyn-Emel.
  • Knowledge of the language Kazakh, Russian, English, German Personal qualities Responsible, responsive, competent, able

independently make the right operational decisions, constantly studies regulatory legal acts and skillfully applies them in practice.