Other historical monuments of antiquity are petroglyphs-drawings on rock slabs and blocks of the bronze age, the early iron age, the middle ages up to the ethnographic time. According to the drawings, it is possible to understand what tribes inhabited the territory, what they ran the economy, what were the ideas of peace and belief. Stand drawings with hiking people with weapons in their hands, with images of mountain goats, deer, goats, hunting scenes with bows, with the gun battle between the two riders, etc., but there are domestic scenes with images of camels, dancing people, a man with a gun. Very interesting findings 27 Buddhist inscriptions in the gorge Taigak, the main sense of which boils down to universal protective magic prayer formula "Om mani padme hum". The main concentration of petroglyphs are concentrated in the national Park in 4 valleys: Kara-Espe, Terekty, Taigak and partly Kzylauyz. A large number of ancient and later drawings on the hill in the gorge Kara-Espe suggests that this hill was a sanctuary for many tribes for several millennia.