a) 1 person (day) -800 Tg+0,1*MCI (a tax for visiting the protected areas of the Kazakhstan Tax code Article 510.)


b) students 25% discount 600tg+0.1*MRP


C) school students 50% of the 400 Tg+0,1*MRP


d) free for preschoolers


e) Parking of 1 car -200 Tg-


e) guide for the whole group-1000 tenge/day


Guest house reservations by phone number: 8 705 610 25 11


Regulation of visits

In the territory of SNNP it is not allowed:

  1. To be in the territory of SNNP without the admission
  2. Move out of the tour route, leave vehicles outside the designated Parking area, Park and wash vehicles on the shore of waterponds”
  3. Use of motor boats, scooters;
  4. To make bonfires to cook food , to arrange Parking and to establish tents out of the put places, to litter and clutter up the territory;
  5. Swim, fish and hunt, disturb animals, ruin nests, burrows, break trees and shrubs, collect herbs, flowers, mushrooms, berries, fruits.
  6. to spoil the monuments of history and culture, to put inscriptions, to carry out stones, to spoil gazebos, signs, panels, to stay in the Park at night.