National Park "Altyn-Emel" has several features that distinguish it from other national parks of Kazakhstan. Tourism in the Park develops primarily as an ecological one, in the form of ecological excursions of groups of tourists accompanied by guides along the established tourist routes. Thus, tourism in the national Park is primarily educational and ecological nature, and not a type of mass recreation, in connection with which the Park is maintained cleanliness and order, excluded the presence of strangers, and tourists are provided with safety and comfort. In addition, the Park has a developed tourist infrastructure in the form of comfortable hotels, equipped tourist routes, roads of good quality, which allows you to take tourists of different categories and meet their needs. In addition, the national Park is the only desert Park in the Republic, located in the ili valley, which allows you to see in the open space not only all the landscapes (mountains, plains, floodplains, tugai forests, Sands), but also at a fairly close distance to detect desert ungulates - Kulan and Jeyran.

There are 3 tourist routes in the national Park:


Car- walking route No. 1: Baschi village - stone stella "Oshaktas" - Turanga grove – wellspring of  Chokan Valikhanov - state natural monument "Singing sand dunes»

Car- walking route № 2: post.  No. 1 – “Tanbalytas” rock drawings "," - "Besshatyr» Saki mounds:

Car- walking route No. 3: Baschi village - Kosbastau cordon (a 700 year-old willow) - Katutau and Aktau mountains


Tourist routes are equipped with wide-format billboards and signs, observation decks, Parking lots and rest areas, toilets, gazebos, urns. There are 6 comfortable hotels for 50 beds, hot meals are provided, there are 4 places for accommodation of tent camps for reception of tourists. At the cordon of Shogan operates an ethnographic village of yurts, Saka bathhouse with a swimming pool with the provision of national dishes and drinks. The reconstruction of the Sakas barrows "Besshatyr" is carried out, after its completion, tourists will be able not only to see the barrows in their original form, but also to go down to one of them and see in nature the ancient Sakas tomb.

For the convenience of tourists in Almaty opened an additional office of the national Park.