June 13, 2019 in honor of the completion of the global environmental protection action


"March of Parks - 2019" in order to clarify and explain the purpose of the environmental action in the city Taldykorgan center of Almaty region, with the participation of students of the Agro-Technical College Taldykorgan city, and by “Zhetysu” TV channel and residents of the city, as well as employees of the SNNP “Altyn-Emel” conducted campaign events. During the event leaflets and brochures were distributed to the inhabitants of the city. And also on the Arbat of Taldykorgan city together with the TV channel Zhetysu and students awarded certificates to visit the Altyn-Emel State National Production Enterprise. Residents were asked questions on environmental topics to win the certificate.


The winners were issued certificates giving permission to visit the Altyn-Emel National Park.