National park «Altyn – Emel» is situated in South-East part of the Kazakhstan right in the middle of huge continent. Nature of Altyn – Emel strikes by its diversity. It includes several geographical zones: deserts, mountains and rivers. Mountain system Dzungariya and the Ili River are parts of National Park.

Within the global environmental campaign "Marsh Parkov" (March Park) an environmental action "Clean Beach" was held on 14 may 2019 in the National Park "Altyn Emel" under the motto "Nature is older, the future is preserved.


As part of the event, there  was carried out cleaninig the shore of the Kapchagai reservoir, 80-126 km of the Ili River and around the Saks burial mounds “Basshatyr”.


The event was attended by teachers and students of 1-2-3 courses of the Faculty of Ecology and Geography of Zhetysu State University named of I. Zhansugurov, and also teachers and students of 2-3 courses, students of the specialty ecology and environmental protection of the Taldykorgan Agrotechnical College, state inspectors of the SNNP "Altyn-Emel" and employees of Turan TV LLP.


The total number of participants is 118 people.