The Hotel "Altyn - Emel" of SNNP Altyn - Emel was certified by the Tourist Association of Kazakhstan and received a certificate of "Golden Level".

From June 25 to July 3, 2019, Specialists of SNNP "Altyn-Emel" took part in a training course for guides, and updated their skills (professional development) in the city of Tekeli, organized by the Almaty regional tourism department.

June 13, 2019 in honor of the completion of the global environmental protection action

An environmental competition was held on the topic “Tabigat-ortak Uyimiz” on June 11, 2019 among the schools of the Kerbulak district, aimed at the development of ecological tourism, at studying the flora and fauna of the SNNP “Altyn-Emel”.

Within the global environmental campaign "Marsh Parkov" (March Park) an environmental action "Clean Beach" was held on 14 may 2019 in the National Park "Altyn Emel" under the motto "Nature is older, the future is preserved.

On 21-22 of May 2019 within the environmental action "March for Parks - 2019" in honor of International Day for Biological Diversity (celebrating around the world on May 22) in the territory of GNPP "Altyn-Emel"  took place an ultra-electric marathon from the "Singing Dune" 250 km from the Charyn canyon.

The quantity of participants was 85 person, 20 of them are marathon runners.