Tourists who visited Burabay, must have seen "dancing" birch trees. This is facilitated by the growth of birch trees and swampy soil, which is why the trunks of birch trees have a curved, but very picturesque appearance.In the national Park "Altyn-Emel" in normal conditions on sandy saline soilsTuranga has the form of a tree with a spreading crown and a relatively straight trunk. However, there is only one small grove where turang trees, as if meandering, stretch their tops towards the light. This place is known to many as the Kosbastau tract with a 700-year-old willow tree that grows next to the grove. This" dancing " appearance of the turang has acquired due to unusual growing conditions – radon stream flows here, the soil is wet, there is a lot of shade and grass, and the turang trees themselves grow close to each other. The Kosbastau tract is very favorable for recreation - in the summer heat it is always cool here, a cold full-flowing stream flows, there is a lot of shade and green grass, also there is a small lake. All this creates a sharp contrast to the surrounding desert. For tourists there are gazebos with tables, parking, a clearing with benches and fire pits, a place for a tent camp on the grass, also there are no mosquitoes and midges. Tourists have the opportunity to watch the sunset against the backdrop of the BigKalkanmountains, sit by the fire in the evening or on the lake, spend the night on the grass and in the morning go on a trip to the picturesque mountains of Aktau. The tour season is not over yet and the national park invites everyone to relax in the Kosbastau tract and see a very rare" dancing "turang grove.