The Republic of Kazakhstan




Kerbulak and Panfilov

Name of the object

State national nature Park


Area, hectares

The total area including protected zone, 307653 ha

Protected zone, hectares

62 845 ha

The location of the object

The national Park is located in ili

depression. According to natural physics-

geographical zoning, included in the

composition of the ili semi-desert region, Or-

Balkhash-Alakol desert depression.

The Northern border of SNNP "Altyn-Emel»

runs along the South-Western spurs of the ridge

Altyn-Emel. These are mountain massifs (from the South-

West to North-East) Sholak, Degeres,

Matai, Altyn-Emel. In the far West

the site where the foothills of Sholak almost reach

floodplains of the Ili river, leaving a narrow entrance to the valley,

serves as its Western border. East

the border passes through the floodplain of the river Kokterek,

flowing into the Ili river.

Part of the coast of Kapchagay

reservoirs and part of the floodplain of Ili river with water area form Southern border of the Park

Distance to human settlements

Central manor SNNP "Altyn-Emel»

located in the village of Baschi of Baschi rural

region of Kerbulak district, 250 km. from

Almaty city, 80 km from the district center  Saryozek village, 120 km. from of Zharkent town, 170 km. from regional center - Taldykorgan.


Asphalt road connects the village Baschi

with Almaty, Saryozek village and Zharkent city. From Baschi village on the territory of the national Park there is a network of dirt roads

with a length of 450 km