As part of the “March of Parks 2020” campaign, today we are conducting a master class on the topic “The World of the SNNP Altyn-Emel ” online.


The purpose of the master class is to study the flora and fauna of the Altyn-Emel Scientific and Production Enterprise, to attract attention, to awaken in our citizens a sense of pride in our natural and cultural heritage.


The competition is open to children under 12 years of age from anywhere in the не world. Participate, mark us on publications on Instagram @altynemel_park, on Facebook Национальный парк Алтын-Эмель, put the hashtag # мастерклассалтынэмель, you can also send your work to email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.


The competition is held until April 30. The best works will receive valuable prizes.


Good luck🙌🏼