In accordance with Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Public Councils, the SNNP Altyn-Emel creates a working group to form a public council for the development of ecological tourism in the SNNP Altyn-Emel.
Applications for participation in the work of the working group are accepted until July 21, 2020 to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact phone: 8-72840-45209
To participate in the competition are:
Citizens, representatives of non-profit organizations who want to participate in the competition, submit the following documents on time:
      1) a statement in the form in accordance with Appendix 1 to this Model Regulation;
      2) a written proposal by a nonprofit organization to nominate (if any) members of the working group;
      3) a copy of the identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Application Form
To _________
(name of the state body at the Republican level or name of the local representative body)
from _________
(Name of applicant, certificate
identity number __, issued (when, by whom))
resident (s): _____
(settlement, street, house, apartment)
      I nominate myself for inclusion in the Working Group
      on the formation of the Public Council
        I hereby confirm that I am familiar with the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 2, 2015 "On Public Councils" and undertake to comply with its requirements.
      I enclose the following documents:
      1) _______________
      2) _______________
      3) _______________
 "_" _____ 20__ g. Signature of the applicant ____